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The Order of Malta is one of the oldest institutions of Western and Christian civilisation. Today, the Order of Malta is active in 120 countries, caring for people in need through its medical, social and humanitarian works.

Day-to-day, its broad spectrum of social projects provides constant support for forgotten or excluded members of society. Our foundation, the Order of Malta Estonia, shares the same global values and mission as the Order of Malta.



Order of Malta Estonia aims to become a leading force in volunteerism within Estonia, enriching the lives of young job-seekers and strengthening the workforce for employers.


Order of Malta Estonia envisions a society where ethical conduct and community service transition from ideals to lived experiences, particularly among the youth. We strive to serve as the bridge connecting young individuals to meaningful careers while equipping businesses with a workforce that is both skilled and morally grounded. Through our efforts, we aim to integrate the principles of the Order of Malta into the fabric of Estonian life.



We focus on assisting young people in Estonia by offering them practical training and humanitarian experience, which can become the cornerstone of their first resume. This added value enhances their appeal to future employers. These opportunities are accessible via our multilingual website, featuring educational programmes and humanitarian projects, each with a strong ethical message. We aim to engage both the youth and their parents, tailoring our communication to the specific needs of each group.

For Estonian employers, we provide access to a pool of young, skilled, and ethically sound workers. We substantiate these credentials through case studies, reviews, and research, all available on our website. We engage with employers in two capacities: as potential workplaces for the youth and as potential co-sponsors of the Order of Malta Estonia, customising our communication strategies for each rol

As a member of the global network of the Order of Malta’s Relief Corps, our activities in Estonia are a localised expression of a centuries-old commitment to alleviating human suffering and promoting ethical conduct. The cross of the Order of Malta, our emblem, encapsulates this ethos. Its eight points symbolise the eight Beatitudes, serving as a constant reminder of our dedication to addressing the eight “miseries” that afflict humanity, both physical and spiritual.

Globally, the Maltese Relief Corps is active in humanitarian efforts, from disaster relief to medical aid, embodying these principles in tangible actions. By aligning ourselves with this venerable organisation, Order of Malta Estonia aspires to establish its brand as synonymous with high ethical standards, societal benefit, and practical utility.

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