Providing Sunday coffee and cake to the needy

Providing Sunday coffee and cake to the needy

We warmly invite you to join our heartfelt initiative aimed at bringing support and joy to those in need. Through the simple, yet lovingly prepared offerings of salad or soup, warm coffee, tea, and cake, we hope to make a meaningful difference.

Location: At the Sisters of Mother Teresa (Tallinn, Ristiku 44)

Dates: September 15th

Content of the activity: 

- Serving soup/salad or cake

- Brewing coffee and tea

- Serving drinks

- Cleaning used dishes, and tidying up after the event.

Our expectations for the Volunteer:

- Desire to do good from the heart

- Sense of responsibility and reliability

- Punctuality and commitment

- A person who has not been criminally punished and has no restrictions on working with minors, the elderly and people with special needs.

Why join us?

- Experience a supportive community

- Develop communication and teamwork skills

- Show your commitment and talents to your potential employers

- Take part in trainings that enrich both mentally and professionally

- Come and experience the joy of gatherings that celebrate our joint effort to help those in need and fight loneliness

Your actions count! Come and show your contribution to the most vulnerable among us, supporting the values and mission of the Order of Malta.


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