Become a Volunteer at the Elderly home

Become a Volunteer at the Elderly home

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We are looking for volunteers from the age of 16 -25, who want to add value to the days of the elderly through versatile activities.

Content of the activity:

- Board games, such as Domino, Bingo, etc.

- Walks

- Performances

- Craft

- Communication that broadens your horizons and brings you the wisdom of the elderly generation and fascinating stories.

- Your unique idea - inspire the elderly with your vision!

Our expectations for the Volunteer:

- Desire to do good from the heart

- Sense of responsibility and reliability

- Punctuality and commitment

- A person who has not been criminally punished and has no restrictions on working with minors, the elderly and people with special needs.

Why join us?

- Experience a supportive community

- Develop communication and teamwork skills

- Show your commitment and talents to your potential employers

- Take part in trainings that enrich both mentally and professionally

- Come and experience the joy of gatherings that celebrate our joint effort to help to fight loneliness

Your contribution can change the world. Come and support the values ​​of the Order of Malta with us.


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