Supporting the Paralympic Podcast ‘True Winners’, Episode 2

Supporting the Paralympic Podcast ‘True Winners’, Episode 2

In this episode:, we open even deeper windows into the wonderful world of para-sport, introducing a remarkable guest – Mallika Koel, a founding member of the Estonian Paralympic Committee and a leader in the development of para-sport in Estonia. Mallika has dedicated a significant portion of her life to enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities, using the power of sports and physical activity.

Mallika shares her experiences, talking about how she has helped para-athletes reach championship competitions and continues her work at the Tallinn Tondi School, teaching children with disabilities to move and enjoy physical activity. Her message to us all: “It’s important to enjoy life and sport-making, as well as to trust your coach. Nothing is achieved with malice or bitterness.”

Every story from the “True Winners” series is a step forward in understanding and empathy. Through Mallika’s and other guests’ stories, we reflect our commitment to para-sport and the mission of the Order of Malta Foundation to support the most vulnerable members of society. The conversation is led by Indrek Petersoo.

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