The Order of Malta Estonia supported the organization of a parasports weekend for children and young people with disabilities

From May 18 to 21, a parasports weekend organized by the Estonian Paralympic Committee took place in Kääriku, which offered children and young people the opportunity to try different sports and choose the one they like and the most suitable among them.

A total of 18 children and young people with physical and visual disabilities participated in the camp. During the four days of the camp, they could try badminton, boccia, indoor curling, wheelchair basketball, walking soccer, wheelchair soccer, judo and athletics training and competitions, which were conducted by Kathy-Karmen Kale, Endre Varik, Tarmo Eerma, Joonas Kendra, Hendrik Tiirats, Kristo Ringas, Katri Härmoja, Vladislava Oleinik, Kaia Kollo, Laura Milk and Indrek Petersoo with volunteer helpers.

The children who participated in the camp were very satisfied with what they experienced at the camp – this was seen by the children having fun and enjoying the training sessions and competitions.

“Last weekend offered positive emotions in Kääriku – the second parasports weekend for young people and beginners took place. The goal of the Estonian Paralympic Committee is to invite children and young people with disabilities to Kääriku – a place that is one of the most important places for sports in Estonia, to inspire, encourage and show that every person in the world has the right engage in sports,” said Kaia Kollo, head of exercise at EPK.

“After all, everyone should be able to feel proud of their chosen sport and skills. In such camps, we want to encourage young people with disabilities to try different para-sports and find the type of exercise that suits them best. We really hope that a great one will be born that offers only positive emotions, a long-standing tradition! And guess what – maybe this weekend we met our future Paralympic athlete at Kääriku!” she added.

The organization of the parasports weekend was supported by the Order of Malta Estonia and Toyota Baltic.

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